Saturday, November 03, 2012

Relaxing again!

Sitting on the back of cousin Gary and Jo's lot is about as laid back and relaxing as it can get. If I could just back to sleeping in and not waking up at 3:30, I'd be all set. But I'm sure with time, I will learn to sleep longer.

Yesterday we went to Baton Rouge to run some errands. There is a new Whole Foods store and we stopped there. It's a very nice store. We had spotted it a couple nights before when we were in town with Gary and Jo. Jo has embarked on a business of selling  advertising specialties and she was setting up a booth at an educational conference at the Crowne Plaza. So we went with her to help carry in all her products and booth props. With the four of us it went rather quickly and then we went out for ice cream. SCORE!

We have been hearing coyotes nightly here. It's a bit spooky because we are waaaaaay out in the country. At night, the yard between the house and the motorhome seems pretty wide and it's pitch black, so it is indeed frightful. We don't make the run to the motorhome when we hear the howling. . . we wait till they quiet down. The other night we heard them first in the field on one side of Phaeton Place and then a little later on the OTHER side. They sure do kick up a fuss. Gary says they are just scaring up some rabbits. LOL

Yesterday we ventured out a second time to see if we could find Wally Gator. In the field to the west of the house are three small farm ponds. Several years ago, Gary found there to be an alligator inhabiting the one pond. Imagine that. He nicknamed him Wally Gator and started feeding him with stuff only gators would eat. Wally has grown since the last time we saw him a couple years ago. He now looks to be about 6 feet long. What is so comical is that Gary drives the golf cart out to the ponds and calls Wally to him. We first checked the far pond, but he wasn't there this time. He actually travels between the three ponds and we found him in the larger pond yesterday. We drive up and then Gary gets out, goes to the pond edge and calls him. That gator was over on the far side and when he sees Gary, he starts straight for him, moving so fast he creates a wake. LOL Terry and I were strangers to him, and while Gary says he usually will come up out of the water to be fed, he wouldn't venture out today. But he stayed right at the edge of the pond in the water while Gary fed him. Once the food was gone, he slowly sank back down into the water and kept a safe distance away. It's hard to believe this little orphan can find enough food to eat in these three little ponds, but with Gary's supplements, he seems to be doing well.

Today we are going to Baton Rouge and may take in an antebellum mansion. There are several around here. We are leaving Sunday and heading over to Kinder to the casino for a night before going to Houston and IKEA!

Till next time. . .


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