Monday, December 17, 2012

Beautiful weather. . .

We like south Texas because of the weather. Florida weather is nice in the winter, too, and a little wetter than Texas. We like Yuma, Arizona, in the winter, too; but it does seem to have sandstorms. And this is where Mom and Dad are, so we here for the winter. The warm weather is so good for Terry because we are able to get out and walk and bike ride. It's been 14 years since his problems started and we are glad we can travel to warm areas so we can stay active. That's very important as we get older.

The days have just been beautiful here. They start out cool, just below 70 degrees then warm up to the 80's. Last week we had some cooler days, but they don't last long. There always seems to be a breeze, so we can sit under our canopy and enjoy ourselves while reading or visiting with the neighbors.

We got word last week that my cousin's wife had passed away suddenly. This is the cousin and wife who live in Houston and helped us when we were there for Terry's cancer treatment. They entertained us with dinner numerous times (gourmet cooks!) and there were normally friends of theirs present so we got to meet new people. They also helped with medical referrals and just general assistance with the way the medical community works which proved invaluable to us.

Her memorial service was last Saturday and Terry and I wanted to go, so we drove up to Houston from the valley on Friday. After her service on Saturday, we visited with Jim and some of Lillian's family before heading back home to Mission. We arrived back at 10:30. We rarely drive after dark anymore. . . not that we have to avoid it, but we do most of our shopping, etc., earlier in the day. But going up to Houston we experienced more traffic than we have in years. Houston was mayhem traffic wise. I don't know how anyone got anywhere to do anything. . . holiday shoppers, etc. What a mess. So once it got dark, traffic coming back started to thin out and it was really an easier trip.

While we were gone, we had another family event. Our son and his lovely wife Megan are expecting their first child. They waited till their late 20's to marry and are very anxious to start their family. We are all excited for them and their new little bundle. It's very early in her pregnancy and on Friday (while we were driving to Houston) she began having pain. She called 911 and once at the hospital, they ended up doing emergency surgery on a "torsed ovary." A better description for us not "medically inclined" is a twisted ovary. It actually was enlarged and flipped over. At some point, there is no "saving" it and unfortunately that was Megan's case. So she went into surgery and they removed the ovary and Fallopian tube. Just before she went in for the procedure, she was able to hear the baby's heartbeat! Course, any surgery on mom at this stage is tricky for them both, but all indications are the baby and Megan are both fine and she is to be discharged today to go recuperate at home. Brandon was able to stay with her at the hospital and he has had some good practice now at playing nurse, so she should recover well in her own home. Brandon is going to be working from home this week so that should work well for them.

It's too bad we are so far away. I did think about hopping on a plane and going to help out. I think I could be a lot of help but I believe Brandon has it covered. I'm sure they will be bringing Jax home from the vet's. He took him in the other day as he was due for his yearly anyway and that way he did not have to worry about taking care of the dog and was able to concentrate totally on Megan.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with my cousin as he adjusts to changes in his life. We will hopefully see him again in March when we go for Terry's yearly checkup. We also continue to remember Brandon, Megan, and the new baby! Love to all!

Till next time. . .


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