Monday, December 24, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

I can't believe my poinsettia! I planted "Red" last year when we had to call her "Green." Nothing red on her and she was two years old. I planted her before we left in the spring and she developed some red leaves. When we got back this fall, she was all green with tiny leaves. Maybe I should call her "Red/Green"! I started to water her once a week and she developed some red leaves and they are getting bigger! Red. . . . YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! We have finally found a sofa for the Texas room. That was a real challenge because I needed a short sofa, but bigger than a loveseat. I wanted something that would seat 3 adults, but be no wider than 75 inches. I finally found it! And it is a hide-a-bed as well. Once we take the tree down, I will rearrange it a bit in the room, but the sofa fits perfectly! And I had to include a picture of my Alaska project. That's what I call the trip planning for the Alaska excursion beginning in May, 2013. I'm not really planning. We have roughed out a route, all subject to change, but we do have to plan for our ferries coming back down through the inside passage. What I am doing is just reading the guidebook we are using and highlighting important things. I'm actually almost done with that. I have made a lot of notes on what I need to check on, etc. Earlier today I made the two dishes I will take to the hall for dinner tomorrow. They are in the refrigerator ready to bake. Our dinner is at noon. Mom and I will take time in the morning to make up our relish trays we are taking. A quiet evening tonight will top off our day. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Till next time. . . Dale

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