Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prickly plants!

I LOVE cacti! I started a couple years ago with a golden barrel cactus I bought in Phoenix at a flea market. It came in a gallon container. Spike is huge now and I got to see flowers this year.

I planted the "twins" (twin towers) last year. They were given to me by some dear friends. We noticed a week ago that a new arm was sprouting. Terry thought we needed to remove it but I said no. I want to see what it is going to do.

We picked up two other cactus "leaves" laying on the ground. We saw them while on our walk. We picked them up and planted them in pots. Neither one did much in the pots, so Terry transplanted them last week. Wow! What a difference it made to put them in the ground. The one is growing straight up and the other has put out two new paddles on the top! I can't imagine what they will look like when we return here next fall.

The cacti do seem to grow faster and larger in the summer when it is so hot. That seems strange, but they actually don't do much in the winter when temps are cooler. I am going to measure them so I know how much they have grown.

Till next time. . .



John and Nan said...

Where do you go in the summer months?

Dale said...

Normally we are at the Elkhart Campground. We have family near there so we are in/out during the summer. This summer, however, we are going to Alaska!

Tab & Deanna said...

Alaska? Wow that would be cool! Hoping we will get to go also. :)

Dale said...

If you are GOOD, Tab, we might let you go, too!