Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off we go. . .

We finally got the fall round of doctor appointments out of the way. We are back living in Phaeton Place and heading over to the condo every day working on getting an apartment ready to lease. The good news is that it is almost finished. Have to mop the floors. The carpets are being cleaned today. Yesterday we signed the lease. Whoo hoo. We actually had two good candidates this time which is very unusual. But one stood out a bit better than the other, so we were able to make a decision quickly.

We are having everything reappraised and, of course, our tenants worry that we are selling. Actually, we continue to get slammed on property taxes by the county who have our assessments ridiculously high. Getting a qualified appraisal should help with that and help us get the assessment where they need to be and thereby reduce our property taxes. The problem is that raising the rent is not a totally viable option because then they raise the taxes due to the increased rent. . . has to do with the "multiplier" they use. I have a hard time understanding it all and I'm sure they don't understand it either. So we are doing what we can on our end.

Mom and Dad have decided they will no longer make the drive to Texas on their own, but they are willing to let someone else drive them. Sister Nita and my niece were planning on it, but logistics proved difficult for my niece, so since we have some time before we head south, Terry told me to volunteer. So next Monday, Nita and I will be driving Mom and Dad to Texas. We will fly back the following Monday. I am not looking forward to leaving Terry, although he has been doing well. He will have the dogs with him, of course. He will probably go back and forth between the house and the motorhome.

I have my bag packed and will not be taking a computer. That will be a new experience for me. But I do have a new smart phone, so I can check my mail and FB, although I don't like to post on it because of the ridiculously inadequate virtual keyboard. Hah. But I will be able to stay in touch.

Once I get back, we have a week before we head south. Still not sure if we are going to Virginia or Florida first, but I'm sure we will know by then!

Till next time. . .


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