Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life in the Slooooooow Lane. . . .

We have not been on the receiving end of very good weather down here in the Rio Grande Valley. It has been downright cold and wet. Still not as cold as our friends and relatives up north, though, so we try not to complain. But it is not comfortable for either one of us. We still get out several times a day to walk the girls, but after that, we stay inside. This week has finally warmed up and is getting much nicer outside. It was 56 out this morning and we walked, but came back early because it seemed to be too cold for Terry. He cannot handle cold weather at all.

We are doing well and I have started the work on our taxes. I like to get it out of the way early so I can enjoy the rest of the nice weather. It will probably take me about a week to get it all done. It wouldn't take near as long if I worked on it occasionally during the year. LOL

The Texas Room is really nice. It gives us some extra space and is very comfortable. We did get a storm door hung there. It is a security door and has glass all the way to the floor, so the dogs can lay on the floor and look out. We can also swap out the glass for a screen, but for the present, we are leaving the glass in. It had a regular knob and also a deadbolt, so if I am over there by myself working at night, I can be nice and secure and still be able to look outside.

The girls seem to be adjusting to retirement. They sleep a lot, but now that the weather is nice, we let them sit outside under the canopy. They have shade when it is hot and can move back in to the air conditioning if they like. They certainly have made a lot of friends. They let everyone pet them, but they still don't care for other dogs. I have talked with a couple dog owners and we are going to start walking them all together. That should help with that socialization. They love going in the golf cart. We usually have it parked out front during the day and they will go sit in it. LOL Always ready for a ride.

Our daughter and her family recently traveled to Florida to visit relatives. They stopped by Brandon and Megan's and took some pictures of our family. Megan took the first picture, so the second one includes her!
 Aenea, Tom, Ronan, Jocelyn, Brandon and Brynlee

Brandon, Megan, Brynlee

As the weather gets nicer, we will get out more and I may have more to report.

Till next time. . .


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