Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Great Weekend!

Last Friday we loaded up MinnieMee and grabbed the dogs and headed for my sister Nita's woods south of Warsaw. We were part of an elaborate event and our part was what I called "support." We spent the weekend visiting with Mom and Dad and taking care of Nita's four dogs and three cats.

Nita and Jim left Friday evening for Chicago, so they could catch a plane on Saturday morning for New York. Their daughter Kellie was already in New York, Long Island, to be exact. She was out there supposedly for an air show, but her boyfriend had planned an elaborate "engagement" for her. Since Tommy is a pilot, he took her up in a plane and had a friend of his fly another pulling a banner which read, "Kellie, I love you. Will you marry me?" She said "YES!" He pulled the whole thing off perfectly. When they landed, she was shocked to see her Mom and Dad and many of Tommy's family and friends there to help celebrate their engagement. Such a happy time! In the picture, Kellie and Tommy are in the plane in the upper right corner. The right is a closer look at the banner.

We just relaxed at the woods. On Saturday night, we had storms and since Nita has one dog afraid of storms, I spent the night at their house. The other nights they did fine by themselves, but I didn't want Phineas to be stressed, so I took him to the downstairs bedroom and he slept next to my bed on the floor. He is a sweet dog.

Our television reception was not too good. . . we got plenty of stations, but if the wind was blowing, and it did all weekend, the trees were interfering with our signal. So we did watch some movies and played on our computers since we had wifi.

On Saturday, Michelle and Staci and their families came down to see Mom and Dad. We visited with them and had a great visit. I had to leave to go tend to the dogs when the storm got bad, but it was great visiting with them.

We are back in Elkhart at the campground and today we cleaned up MinnieMee and have her ready to put back in storage tomorrow. We are getting things around and finishing up some last minute stuff as we are leaving Sunday and headed south. We start with doctor appointments next week, then we are headed for Virginia.

Till next time. . .


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