Saturday, September 13, 2014

How do they know?

Yesterday my sweet, sweet girl, Duchess, our black Scottie, tore a toenail on her front paw on the threshold coming in the back door at the house. Poor thing. I heard commotion at the back door, but knew Terry was there. When Duchess got into the kitchen she was bleeding profusely and before long the kitchen looked like a crime scene from NCIS. I ran for the door at the far end of the room and got it shut before she could get onto the carpet in the living room. Fortunately the bleeding stopped quickly and I got her paw cleaned up. I called the vet and got an appointment for later in the day.
As the day wore on, I figured I jumped the gun on the vet, but I sure didn't want the paw to get infected, so we did take her in for the appointment. Good thing. They had thought they might have to remove the nail which did not sound like a fun process; but as it was, it didn't need it as long as it doesn't tear further or start to swell. The nail is cracked and it tore the quick underneath which was the source of the blood. The doctor put her on pain meds and antibiotics for 10 days. She did say it was hurting her, but said she is a very brave dog. She was very good for the vet and she
came in and just talked to us and petted her afterward.

She woke up crying once during the night but settled back down quickly. Now this morning, they have been out for their morning walk and it's clear her paw is bothering her. So where is Butterscotch? Laying right beside her on the same cushion. We could certainly learn a bit from our pets. Without words or any obviously communication, Butterscotch is comforting Duchess in her own way. They are the sweetest dogs. We love them so much.

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