Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cousin Gary's in Zachary, Louisiana

We arrived here at Gary and Jo's yesterday afternoon and got set up in the back yard. We have 50 amp and water, so all the comforts of home. We are just visiting with family this trip, so just trying to get in some family time.

Cousin Shirley, Gary's sister, is here from Mississippi so it's like a little mini reunion! Jo had a big sale of clothing, jewelry, bags, etc., at their house here on election day. She did quite well and will be doing another sale at a friend's house on Saturday down in Golden Meadow. We will probably head out tomorrow so we don't get in the way of their trying to leave. Gary is headed south to get his one boat. He had to have some engine work done and then he is putting it up for sale.

Those of you familiar with Wally Gator will be glad to know he is still alive and well. Gary, Terry and I headed out in the four-wheel drive golf cart. We headed over to the pond and we didn't see him in the first one, but as soon as we drove up to the pond and called, he came swimming over from the far side. Gary had some chicken parts which Wally was less than happy over, so Gary started throwing him fish pieces. He liked those. Gary couldn't get him to come up on the bank. He just had his head out of the water. He apparently is comfortable with Gary, but doesn't like strangers. . . LOL. Okay by me. He is about seven feet long from what we can tell. I got some pretty good shots of him today. At one point he would float and arch his tail up out of the water. I've never seen that before and not sure what it means. We didn't get out of the golf cart, though. . . no need to take a chance on getting too close.

After visiting Wally, we took a ride out on Gary's acreage to see where they have deer stands and just to look at the fields and woods. It was a neat ride and we enjoyed seeing old homesteads, etc.

It's supposed to get colder again tonight. Man, I wish we could have warmer days. Not sure where we are going tomorrow. It looks like we are going to be able to get Terry's ICD changed out in Houston. We are in contact with a doctor there and has requested some records to be sent from Indy. Hopefully that will go well and they will get the information they need. If they do, we may be able to get the device changed out next week. Will just have to wait and see.

Till next time. . .


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