Monday, January 05, 2015

We are ready!

We are ready for warmer weather, that's for sure. Shades of 2014 are clouding the horizon. That ol' North Wind just keeps blowing and when it does. . . we are in for cold, cold weather. Of course, it's not as bad as up north, back in Indiana or anywhere else north of I-10! So we try not to complain, but it is colder than we have come to expect down here. At least it's dried out for a few days here, but that is supposed to change as well, dipping into the 40's for the high Thursday and rain on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Yuck!

Mom's laptop bit the dust. When she tried to turn it on earlier this fall, it would not power up. I'm at a loss with laptops, but Terry's not afraid to try anything. He has torn his various machines apart and even my old Gateway and managed to fix most problems. So he decided to take on the project. He ended up replacing the ram, motherboard, CPU and the battery. It could be just the battery, but it was UNDER the motherboard so he didn't want to tear it all down and replace the battery, then find out something else was bad. He got all the parts off E-bay for less than $40 total and he fixed it! It's up and running again. We still need to update the browser, but she is back to playing cards again! Because of the browser issues, we can't easily get to her email, so a phone is still best if you want to talk to her.

Terry and I had to run Mom and Dad's car to the Ford dealer in Edinburg this morning for service, so it was a good excuse to eat out for breakfast! We ate at the 107 Cafe and it was pretty good. It's a nice little restaurant and everyone was very friendly.

We came on home so we wouldn't miss the propane guy. We need to fill up again in the motorhome. We use more gas because running our heat pumps is extremely noisy under the canopy, but we have been running the back one just to save a bit on propane.

While we have been home, our neighbors across from us were getting their roof re-coated. The guy running up and down the ladder did not have a belt on and when Terry looked out, he got almost a FULL MOON!!!!! Haha.  Didn't seem to bother him, but it only got worse as the morning rolled on. I don't see how he kept from falling as his pants were down so far, but he left in one piece. Ho ho.

Yesterday we went over to Enchanted Valley, a neighboring park in our system. They had the Gold Wing Express playing. This bluegrass group is comprised of a Dad and three sons. The boys' mother was a full blooded Creek Indian who died 15 years ago and they pay tribute to her and their Indian Heritage in their routine as well as all veterans. They play bass, lead guitar, mandolin, dobro and banjo. Steve, the banjo/dobro player said he first started picking the banjo at age 10, 33 years ago. They are all exceptional talents. It was a very good performance and I would encourage all who enjoy bluegrass to see them if they are in your area. They are in the RGV till mid February, but they also play in Branson. You won't be disappointed.

Last night we were treated to a much nicer "moon" shot. There were clouds, but the moon shown through and it was quite beautiful.

Till next time. . .


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