Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sights and sounds around town. . .

On Thursday we attended our last Rock 'n Roll Jam at Enchanted Valley Ranch. It was the best we had been to. There were some very good singers and excellent musicians. Even the "not-so-good" singers sang better than usual. One of the guitarists likes to play instrumentals and we like to hear them. I planned to upload the file of him playing "Pipeline," but it was too large, so I will try to link it to a web file. There was a new player this week. He played the tenor sax and sang and was very good. He also sells tapes of his music.

We went out and ran errands yesterday. I had to get a new passport picture taken and we got that done. Terry bought some plastic pipe so he could make some carriers for our front windshield mask and the side window masks. He was happy with what he got and made some nice carriers that will protect those items.

Every day we work at completing yet another job in closing down our place here. So many people are putting their places up for sale. There are all kinds of park models, RV lots and and trailers for sale with/without canopies, some are single lots, some double. A lot of the Canadians are wanting to sell out because their dollar is not as strong against the US dollar right now. Also, as they get to be 70, they say their health insurance supplements are much more expensive and they cannot afford to be without it. They pay as much as $7000 a year for supplemental coverage, so even if they sell their places cheap, they aren't spending that money every year. I'm telling you, if you are interested in a place in the Rio Grande Valley, they can be had reasonably in a nice park. Our yearly fees are $250, that's all!

One of the residents in our park has planted Texas Bluebonnets in their side yard. They are actually a wildflower, but I think the state flower of Texas. You can easily see them alongside the roads in the spring.

Yesterday on our way home, we saw what looked like a park model being towed up in front of us. As we got closer, we realized it was not a park model but an actual home! Well, I use that term loosely. I'm not sure why anyone was bothering to move it because it looked like it should have been torn down, but who are we to judge. At any rate, I'm sure it cost more to move than it was worth. The driver had to snake around under the stop lights which were lower than the home, but they were getting the job done!

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