Sunday, March 01, 2015

Winding Down!

The weather has just been plain crappy here in the valley this winter. I tried to be optimistic thinking nothing could be as bad as last year, but this year ran a close second. . . no, I would say it tied for first with last year. I know we shouldn't complain because it is worse up north, but we choose to come down here to have nice weather all winter and that just hasn't happened.

So what does one do when the weather is bad? Well, we don't get out much that's for sure. I started going to a Friday afternoon sewing group. Sometimes there are new projects shared that you may wish to create, or sometimes you can do your thing alongside others doing something else. I started crocheting ruffled scarves. I have tried to get someone to show me how to do these with no luck. So I looked it up on the internet and made my own. What's funny is that after I got some finished, then people were willing to tell me what I did wrong. LOL Thanks. But I have perfected my work and know how to get the result I want now. I made some arm knitted cowls earlier in the year and some of the ruffled scarves.

My latest project has been bags. Some people use them for beach bags because they have a mesh bottom and sides so they would be good for that, but they can be used for anything. They really aren't hard to do and I can make two in one day, even taking time to fix lunch. Here are the ones I have made.


It has been fun making these, but I have put everything away now. Time to concentrate on what needs to be done here before we leave in three weeks. There were some other quilt projects the girls did this year and I didn't do those, but I got the patterns, so I may try those next year. They are simple projects if you have the patterns and instructions.

Mom and Dad are doing okay. Daddy is still in a lot of discomfort from his back and no one has been able to help with that other than to give him pain pills. Then he sleeps a lot. We have been to a couple of the dinners over at the hall.

Terry and I have been going to the rock 'n roll jam over at Enchanted Valley Ranch this year. It's pretty good. They have some really great musicians and we love to hear them play. While they don't play rock (or our kind of rock) exclusively, it is much more palatable that the country jam they have at our park. At our park anyone who thinks they can sing gets to and some of them are so terrible. I don't understand people who are comfortable with getting in front of a crowd and proving they have no rhythm and can't carry a tune. But we have enjoyed the rock jams. Next week we are going to Canyon Lakes which also has a rock 'n roll jam. Should be fun. There was a couple who just left this morning and being here for a month. They are from Illinois and he is a rocker! He plays in a band, has most of his adult life and he is really good. He played at some of the jams we went to and then one night he came over and gave us a private concert. He is really good and we enjoyed his music.

We are leaving here March 23 and headed to Houston to see my cousin Jim. From there we will head to Florida to see Brandon, Megan, Brynlee and Jax and then on to Virginia to see Tom, Jocelyn, Ronan, Aenea, and Pepper. After that we will be headed to Indiana for doctor appointments.

Till next time. . .


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