Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A light in the night!

Something happens once in awhile in Florida that doesn't often happen anywhere else. Rocket launches. One was scheduled for last night at 11:05 p.m. We have been in Florida before when launches are scheduled and they are continually postponed, so we try not to get our hopes up too high. We actually have seen two launches. I think both were Atlas 5 rockets carrying payloads to the space station. One we saw from a pier in the Indian River across from the campground and the other was from Brandon's front yard when he lived down near Palm Bay. Both were daytime launches. Brandon assured us we would be able to see the launch from our camp in Wickham Park if the sky remained clear and the launch did not get cancelled for some reason.

We got the dogs walked and back in for the night, checked our cameras, and went outside about 11. I took a few pictures to make sure I had the settings I wanted to use and hoped I didn't mess up the pictures. We were sitting waiting on the picnic table when I saw this strong light. I said, "There it is!" Then we decided that was just a plane or a helicopter coming our way. I thought that was really strange that a plane would be shining that bright on a night a launch was imminent. As the light burned brighter we knew it was indeed the launch. We began to see the smoke trail and started snapping away. It wasn't as large or as bright as the space shuttle launches, but it was still a sight! We heard a slight rumble, but no big noise or anything. Brandon said the larger rockets make a much greater sound. But it was pretty cool and we were happy to be able to witness the nighttime launch even though it was about 30 miles away!

Today I am going strawberry picking with Megan and Brynlee and Megan's mom. I won't pick many, but it will be fun.

Till next time. . .


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