Monday, March 07, 2016

And they call the wind. . . Mariah!

Yeah, well, Mariah is a witch, that's for sure. We have been having wind for several days now and it is stronger than ever. . . and relentless. It just blows and blows. . . yes, it really blows! LOL According to the weather report, we are having winds of 20 mph with gusts of 39. Well, I'm telling you, it is gusting ALL the time and it's probably more than 39. Motorhomes have heavy doors and when we open it, we have to struggle to get it open. The wind has been from the E, SE all day so it tries to blow the door shut when we open it. It is annoying, but we will survive!

We are getting ready to leave. It's hard to believe it's that time of year again, but it is! We are leaving Saturday or Sunday, depending on Butterscotch. She has to have a second cystoscopy on Friday and I'm not sure she would be able to travel on Saturday. The last time she had one, she was in some discomfort the day following, so we want to take care of her. We don't plan to go too far though the first night and the roads are good. We would want to stage the run through Houston on Sunday morning.

When we started planning our exit from the valley this year, we decided to leave a month earlier than we usually do so that we could stop and see many friends along the way. We always like to visit with our friends, but don't often get the chance, so we planned to do that this year. Now with these new developments with Butterscotch, we are leaving two weeks later than we had planned. So that meant we had to cut out some stops. Then we discovered that our daughter is going to need some help with her kids the end of March, so for us to leave the valley, drive to Florida to see our son and his family and make it to Virginia by March 31, we are going to have to pretty much cut out seeing anyone. It wasn't what we planned originally, but family comes first and I hope that everyone understands that. We feel fortunate that we are mobile and able to help when we can. Hopefully we can visit all our friends another time, but my kids and grandkids will always come first. We normally only get to see them twice a year and I won't skimp on that. And when they need help, we want to be there.

We have been busy for the last two weeks getting things in order for leaving. We also plan to set Mom and Dad's place up again. Since no one was in there this winter, we plan to treat the traps again, adding some water and antifreeze to keep seals from drying out.

We have one more jam to attend. . . the one at Casa Del Valle over in Alamo. Our friend Danny plays there and he is so good. He has a rock band back in Illinois, and we hope to go over this summer and listen to them play.

Till next time. . .


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