Thursday, April 20, 2017

We're here for the long haul!

Made a trip to Goshen Easter weekend to visit with family and friends. Found that riding 110 miles was hard on Dale's back even with several stops to stretch. We came back Tuesday for Dale's first surgery followup on Wednesday. I'm glad to say all is well per her follow up is in late June. We are still doing the daily walking as physical therapy at present most days are about 2.5 miles with 1.5 miles being early morning at a local mall.

This morning we dropped Duchess off at DeTails in McCordsville, Indiana, for a spa treatment. Next stop was U-Haul in northeast Indianapolis to have a Class #3 trailer hitch installed on the Flex. It was all done in less than 45 minutes and looks to be a very nice job. I opted to do the wiring myself since the Flex is already wired for towing by the motorhome and I didn't want any of that harness messed with.

We were doing a walk at Hamilton Commons shopping area when the groomers called advising Duchess was ready to pickup. We had almost finished our 1.5 miles and were about 6 miles away, so back we went. Duchess looks great, nice to find a groomer who knows a “Scottie cut” is different than a “Schnauzer cut."

The next two weeks are taken up with doctor's appointments, blood tests, our broker and hair care for Dale. Will the fun never end. Yes it will! On the 13th of May we're outta here, since our 2 month stay will be over, then up to northern Indiana for a while.

Till next time. . . 

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