Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quartzsite to Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Quartzsite was fun, albeit a little chilly. The sunsets were pretty and the stars. . . there's no describing the stars. When you are out in the desert with no light, it is pitch black. And then you look up into that clear black sky, and the stars are all lit up. It is spectacular. More stars than you ever knew were up there. Here in Lake Havasu, we can see a lot of stars, but with the lights from the city, so many are not visible.

We did go back and find the Bouse Fisherman Intaglio. It is an image carved out of the desert floor hundreds of years ago by the "ancient ones." This particular image is of a man with a spear. There are fish below him along with what look like waves/water. Up above is a bird and an image of the sun. It is difficult to see it in my pictures. Because of the time of day we were there, the sun degraded the image if I took it right side up. I took it from the top and you cannot see it all. Also, it would have been better viewed from above, but since I can't fly. . . haha.
By the time we left "Q," there were a lot more coaches in our area, but still room for a lot more. But it interesting to be there early and have hardly anyone around, then watch as hundreds, then thousands of coaches and fivers come in. We left the day before the big RV show started. We don't like big crowds and the RV show is one congested event. We were really disappointed in the show last year, so it didn't really bother us to skip it this year. Some of our friends from the Class of 05 were coming in, but we will catch most of them at the Gypsy Journal Rally next month and we were kind of scattered over the area. In case you think they will run out of room. . . think again. This is BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. Basically land the government owns and you can dry camp (no hookups) for up to 7 months in some areas. That costs about $140, but we were in a 14-day free area, so we didn't pay anything. You have to be prepared for dry camping. . . and we are. Two generators and big tanks. No one knows how many rigs are out here at any one time, but at the height of the event, I think it has been guessed at 240,000. And there is still plenty of room. There are BLM areas throughout the western part of Arizona and California as well. We left Quartzsite on Monday and it was raining. YES! Raining in the desert. It rained on us all the way north to Lake Havasu City and continued to rain the remainder of the day.

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