Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We're no longer Yuman!

We left our campsite at Fortuna de Oro in Yuma on Monday and drove up the highway to Quartzsite. We traveled north of the city to Plomosa Road and are parked with other RV.netters on the south side of the road right off the pavement. Such a change from last year when we were south of town in a real dustbowl. It is nice out here, a little further from town, but not much dust and the company is good.

Today we went over the mountain on Plomosa Road to the town of Bouse, Arizona, to pick up our mail. On the way back I snapped some shots of the valley as we came through the mountain pass. We tried to find the "Fisherman Intaglio" but there is no longer any sign there. We came home and did a little more research and will try again tomorrow.

After lunch we went into the "Q" and visited some of the flea markets. It looks to me like they have some expensive fleas! Didn't find much of anything we were interested in or anything we felt like making room for in the motorhome.

Here is Phaeton Place parked at the Q. And a beautiful picture of the sunset tonight.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Boy!! We just keep missing you guys! How long are you going to be in this area? We arrived at Topfuel's lot this afternoon and will head up to Q tomorrow about noon. We will park at Boomerville and hope to visit with the Class of '05 if they can decide which day to meet. We will be at the Colorado River WH resort after Q for a few days, then back to Yuma for a few days before we leave for Gypsy Journal Rally on Sunday, Feb 11. Hope we can get together.

Dale said...

Hey, Jan,
It's not on purpose. We are leaving here on Friday morning. Running in to Quartzsite tomorrow to do some flea markets Terry thinks he missed. :-(
Are you going to be with the Boomers at Scaadan Wash? We were out there the other night. Bout like driving back to our location last year. Lots of dust. Let me know.
We are headed for Lake Havasu and Laughlin. If we miss you, we will see you at the Gypsy Journal rally for sure.


Anonymous said...

Not sure where "Boomerville" is, but that is where we will be. (Do I sound like an RVr?) We are following Padraic and Willie up there leaving about noon today. They know the way, so we will just follow along. I think it is north of Q, but don't know exactly where. Finally saw Janice and Dean yesterday afternoon. If we don't catch up with you, we will see you at the Gypsy Rally.