Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quartzsite to Lake Havasu City, Arizona

We drove up through Parker, Arizona, on our way to Lake Havasu City. It is a very scenic drive with a lot of hills/mountains and it follows the Colorado River. We saw several campgrounds but continued on our way to our destination. I took a lot of pictures of the scenery coming up US95.

North of Parker is the Parker Dam, but trucks and motorhomes cannot cross it and we didn’t want to anyway. Once we got to Lake Havasu City, we took the London Bridge across to the island and checked out a couple campgrounds. I should mention that it was raining and it was very windy and cold out on the island. One campground wanted $35 a night for water and electric (we passed) and another had full hookups, but the cost was $48 a night for a postage stamp lot with no place to park the toad. So we continued on and found a new park by the name of Havasu RV Resort. It is very nice, $31 a night and very well appointed amenities.

Saturday we went sightseeing and spent a lot of time around the London Bridge, checking out the shops and enjoying the view of the bridge from both sides of the canal. The London Bridge was purchased from England, disassembled and brought here and reconstructed like a big jigsaw puzzle over dry land. Once it was rebuilt, the channel was dug out underneath it and the former peninsula became the island. The bridge is very impressive and pock marks from German shells which hit it during WWII are still visible. Afterwards, we drove through the state park and drove around the island. The area is very beautiful and when you are out on the island you can look back and see the city. It really looks a lot larger than it is, but then it is located between the lake and the mountains. We drove into the hills a little and looked through the subdivisions. We stopped and went through an open house just to see what the place was like. It had an RV port with it and it was really quite nice. It was a beautiful day for a drive, in the 60’s and really sunny. Today, however, is sunny, windy and in the 50’s, so we went out for dinner and bought a few groceries and then came back home. Tomorrow we leave here and head up toward Bullhead City and Laughlin.

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Richard Pillers n Shirley Talley said...

we were there in 01 in our "trial" rv trip. we also stayed on the island and maybe at the same park. we look forward to your blog pics so keep it updated.