Friday, May 04, 2007

And so we say Goodbye to Ronan. . . for now.

We spent our last afternoon with Ronan yesterday. I babysat while Terry took Jocelyn shopping. It was raining and I certainly preferred keeping the baby inside. Babies are just so precious. They are so dependent on us for everything, but they give us back so much love. Probably don't think so when they give us poopy diapers and crying, but that is what being a baby is all about. Jocelyn and Tom are such great parents. They have waited a long time to be called Mom and Dad, and they are enjoying having a baby in the household. Even Jericho, their standard Poodle, likes Ronan. He is getting plenty of attention too, and isn't jealous. He is a rescue and his first home was with children, so I am sure he is looking forward to the time when Ronan can actually play with him.

We drove a long day today, but hey, you can't park a 40 foot motorhome in West Virginia. They don't have 40 level feet in that entire state. So we are just across the Ohio river in Gallipolis, Ohio. This is a very nice campground at the fairgrounds. It is almost empty and has full 50A hookups for $15. So if you ever find yourself in this area and need a place to stay, check it out. Tomorrow we have reservations at Camp Pull-Tab. It's expensive there, but the company is superb.

I am leaving you with our last pictures of Ronan and us.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

I'm sure you hated leaving the first grandbaby, you will have to start programing stops in that area frequently!

He is really a cutie.

Say hi to Tab and Deanna for us and give them a hug also. Have fun!


Dale said...

Yeh, we are going back this summer, then this fall before going to Florida.

Will say Hi for you guys.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hope you took out a loan before going up to Camp Pulltab!! Wait til you see the paper work he gives you!! Pam

Dale said...

Heh, heh, heh.