Monday, May 28, 2007

Family Album

This weekend, our son, Brandon, flew from his home in Florida to Charlottesville, Virginia, to see his new nephew. He and Jocelyn had not seen each other for a couple years, I think. They are both busy with their lives and live about 1100 miles apart, so they don't get to see each other too much. We are going to spend this winter in Florida so perhaps we will all get to see each other and actually spend a little time together.

Brandon had also not ever met Jericho, the standard rescue poodle. He is a very nice dog and his first home was actually around children, so he is very good with kids. He is doing well with the new addition to the family and still gets included on family outings.

Jocelyn and Tom took Brandon to see a few sites around Charlottesville, which is close to the Shenandoah mountains and valley. They are close to both the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive so they don't have to go far for scenic views.

I am here nursing a bad tooth. Anyone with any experience with root canals? I had a broken tooth--one that didn't hurt--but the dentist said it required a root canal and crown. So last year in May I had a root canal and crown done. Then it hurt. . . not a lot, but it was annoying. The endodontist last week retreated the root canal, which means he re-did it. Now I am having excruciating pain. He did it on Wednesday and Friday as I was eating a soft piece of bread, something happened and it felt like someone was driving a nail through my tooth with a hammer. Now I cannot eat. Chewing on the other side causes pain on the bad tooth. Course, it happened Friday night at 6 and the endodontist closed for the holiday weekend at 5. I still left a message, but no one has called back. If I take a Tylenol3, then don't eat or move my mouth, I can get buy. I can press up under my chin and feel pain. I can TOUCH the tooth on any surface and I have pain. Now, mind you, the dentist said he didn't see ANYTHING that would be causing my discomfort as he re-did the root canal. I am leaning toward having it pulled this week if I can get in somewhere as we are scheduled to leave Sunday for a month. The problem is that it is my back molar and the one in front of it may not be real strong. Dentists today don't want you to pull anything, but I am not going to put more money toward more pain. And if the endodontist couldn't find anything wrong with it before, what is he going to do to "fix" that which he cannot find? I have not had any luck finding emergency dentists in the Goshen/Elkhart area, so I guess I am waiting till tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Till next time. . .



Janice and Dean said...

Hey Dale,

Sorry to hear about your tooth problems. I remember what you went through last year and now to have it resurface - yikes!!!

Get it taken care of and enjoy your summer.

Probably see ya'll in Florida next winter.

Anonymous said...

If it hurts that badly call a dentist on an emergency. Tooth aches are the worst. I wish you relieve soon!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant relief of course.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Dale.. I really hope you feel better soon... I'm not faring much better.. I was in the hospital for several days with clots. I am now home but its still tough to deal with because of the injections in the stomach and pills.

BTW, Ann (my fiancee) just started her business online. I'll show you the link..

Have fun browsing.. and feel better!!!

Shawn (from Wayne County)

Dale said...


Thanks for the well wishes. If I could have found an emergency number for a dentist, I would have called one. As it is, only phone recorders and obviously they don't return phone calls on the weekends.

Shawn, Sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Lovonox in the stomach? I had to give Terry that after his blood clot in his arm. Thanks for your fiancee's link. I will check it out.

Tomorrow I am going to see someone about my tooth and hopefully it will get pulled soon. I will keep everyone posted.