Thursday, May 24, 2007

An “Unofficial Gathering”

We made plans to join other friends at the Elkhart Campground at least until the mosquitos started biting. We arrived a little late; they almost started the party without us. We gathered in front of the Teton of Smokey and Pam and joined them, Nick and Terry Russell (Gypsy Journal). Nick modeled his new dew rag for us. Also at the gathering were Rocky and Bernie Frees. Rocky does all kinds of RV Service and Bernie is a masseuse and gave me a wonderful massage yesterday afternoon. I had the misfortune of having a root canal done in the morning and I was pretty stressed out.

We sampled Miss Terry’s rice crispy treats which were very good. Bailey, Smokey and Pam’s black Lab, did the dishes. She likes paper plates, cups, etc., and picked up most of them and plopped down on the ground amid her trophies. Buster, the Cocker, kept us apprised of when other dogs in the campground were around.

Pam was complaining about some chest pains she was having. Not sure what was causing them. Okay, okay. Pam is fine. Buster was sitting on her chest and if you look at the picture, you can see why she was complaining. Hah. Pam is NOT really having chest pains. She just had Buster sitting on her chest.

We talked about what we were all going to be doing in the next couple days. Some were going to FMCA in Berrien Springs, Michigan, some to a show in Valpo, some to Ohio, and we are at our “workcamping assignment” for the summer. That is what we have decided to call our apartment maintenance that we do for a few days every summer. We are putting in a new floor in one, new garage doors and stoop carpeting in 2, and hopefully will get the windows painted on all the apartments this summer. We won’t do much of it, but we have stuff to pick out and people to hire.

We have finally quit playing airbed roulette. We like sleeping on air and took the plunge to what we thought was the “ultimate” in air bed sleeping. We purchased a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. Worst sleep we have ever had. It is boxed back up and awaiting the UPS man to send it on its way. We went back to LinenNThings and exchanged for our third AeroBed. We really like the AeroBed but have had difficulty with them leaking. But we still like them a whole lot better than the Sleep Number bed. On a lighter note, Terry bought Sirius Radio for the Sport Trac. We have it in the motorhome and really like it, so they had a pretty good deal going and he got it. I told him he has so many extra gadgets in the car now that the battery will probably run down going down the road. Hah.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Okay, let me clarify, I am not REALLY having chest pains. Look at the picture next to the comment, Buster likes to sit on my chest. I have already had one concerned caller.


Dale said...

Sorry, Pam. I thought with the picture there I didn't have to explain anything. I will fix that.