Sunday, July 01, 2007

Work is SOOOOOOO overrated.

We have been back in Goshen/Elkhart for a week now and the floor in the kitchen at the house is done. It was supposed to have been done while we were gone, but the floor techhie didn't get to it. It only took 2 evenings. Terry went over and played "go-fer" so it saved the guy time reaching for material. The floor, which is a hickory laminate is absolutely gorgeous. It is far more beautiful than I had imagined it would be. We also put in new appliances and it is all put back together. I will post a picture later. . . I keep forgetting the camera. We have several long runners in there for Neal, our handicapped Scottie. He cannot walk on a smooth surface, so we decided to put in some rugs he could walk on.

We leave Elkhart campground tomorrow. Phaeton Place goes into the Freightliner dealer at 7 a.m. for a scheduled service and I will take the boys over to the house. We will hang out there continuing to work on a couple things. New garage doors are scheduled this month and then we will be done for the year. . . other than just sorting through more junk! Sunday we leave for South Dakota. We are going "home" to get some legal stuff in order.

We do have another problem that has surfaced. Our 11-year old Scottish Terror, Bailey, is sick. I had him at the emergency vets yesterday and his chest xray shows a right lung that is very sick. Could be pneumonia, which is what I am hoping. He won't, however, takes his meds. He refused food yesterday, but did eat a little this morning. I am going to try and get him into a vets here in Goshen tomorrow and see what else can be done. He is coughing up some foamy blood.

Just had a visit from my parents. It was good to see them. It is nice to be close enough for family visits.

Till next time. . .



Unknown said...

try giving Bailey a piece of cheese (off a block) with his meds buried in it..or peanut butter on a small piece of bread. Mindy (my Eskie) is very smart and downright refuses pills.. for the simple fact that I taught her not to swallow pills (mine) in case I drop them. Well thats a good thing.. unless she needs a pill. The advice I gave you is straight from Mindy's vet.


It appears that the sig belongs to the Mrs.. she has a Google account.

Dale said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but Bailey was refusing cheese and he won't touch peanut butter. In desparation, I gave him a little piece of pork loin and he gobbled it up so. . . . you guessed it. He got several more pieces, each with a pill buried in them. Same thing this morning. I will be updating shortly.