Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am breaking in a new computer and don't have all my picture files moved. My Averatec, 2 1/2 years old is burning up. I actually burned up a "cool mat" with it and got another, but it is heating up so much after an hour or so that it shuts itself off. Averatec's customer service said, "Sorry, it's out of warranty." No discussion of where I could take it, etc., to get it fixed. . . so I told them I wouldn't buy another piece of crap from them. . . I would go buy a good computer. I truly am not sure one exists. I liked the Averatec because it was very small and didn't weigh much, but I guess I sacrificed for that. It just didn't have room to exhaust much air and I wanted to quit using it before I lost data.

In other news, I am fighting cellulitis in my leg for the third time since March. This time it is down at my ankle. More painful than before and my ankle is swelled. Was to the doctor yesterday. Will see how it goes with the meds.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Sure hope the meds work. How's the weather in IN. I've been cold since we got to Oregon over a month ago - very few warm sunny days and the same goes for Washington! Say hi to Smokey & Pam for us.


Silverback said...

Don't think that size is everything !!! Talking computers I mean.

My Toshiba is a 17" monster that weights a ton and for about a year now has powered off when the temp in the room gets much above 70F.

Like yours, it's out of warranty so nothing much I can do but nurse it along till I get back to the US in Oct as I want to get one there.

Hope the meds kick in and sort you out.

Dale said...

Leg is much better. Meds making me sick, but that means I'll lose weight. :-)

New computer is working good! Weather is hot in Indiana, but after a couple thunderstorms earlier this week, the weather has been perfect.