Friday, January 04, 2008

Surf's Up!

Today we drove down to Sebastian Inlet, about 20+ miles from the "house" to watch the Sebastian Inlet Pro Surf Tournament. It was fun and probably will be more exciting as the days roll on. You have to remember that yesterday they claim there were snow flurries down there, although we didn't see any. It was 41 degrees when we got up yesterday, but today was a much better day. I don't know if it was 70, but we stayed warm. We had a sweatshirt on and then a hooded lined jacket. We took a beach mat and sat all bundled up. Probably looked pretty funny, but the people in shorts and flip-flops certainly looked cold. The surfers, I'm told, said the water temperature was in the 70's and they wore wet suits, so they stayed warm, but their feet would get numb.

The surf was pretty strong, but not a lot of big waves. Still, the competition "waved" on. We saw lots of surfers out there, but I have no idea how they score such a sport. An afternoon sitting on the beach is never wasted on me, however, because I could sit an watch the ocean for hours. I took pictures and a couple movies. On the way home, we stopped at Coconut Point, a small park with beach access closer to Melbourne Shores. The ocean was so loud. It was roaring and looked so mean and angry. The sky was dark, but there is no bad weather. Probably left over weather from the day before when we had such high winds.

Things are really quiet. We are waiting to hear if the bank accepted Brandon's latest offer on the house he wants. His second offer was the same as his first. The house was foreclosed earlier, so if the bank wants to get rid of it. . . now's their chance. Sure hope he gets it. It is a beautiful house and he would be happy there for a long time.

Till next time. . .



Silverback said...

I'm still reading your posts, guys. They're especially interesting as you're so close to where I'm spending the winter in Sebring.

We popped over to Vero Beach last month so I finally got to see the ocean on this trip. Like you, I could watch it for hours.

Take care.

Dale said...

Hey, I wondered if you were back down here. I don't think we are going to be in Sebring this year. We leave here the 21st and going to Orlando for a rally, then over toward Tampa.

Funny you would mention Vero Beach because we just came through there this afternoon.

Take care.