Sunday, January 20, 2008

They were strolling through the park today!

We were sitting in the coach reading our on-line newspapers this morning when Terry said, "Is that a duck I hear quacking?" Well, it didn't quite sound like a quack and when I looked out the window, I yelled, "Quick, where's my camera?" The peacocks were out for the daily stroll through the park. They were strutting straight down the middle of the road. In my haste to get out front to snap some pictures, I missed the ones passing directly behind the coach. I probably could have gotten a much better shot out back because I could have hid and gotten closer. There were at least a dozen. They usually roam the subdivision behind Enchanted Lakes, where we are camped. A couple times a week, they will fly over the fence and stroll around the roads before making their way back. As it was, the neighbor out walking her Corgis startled them and they took flight rather noisily. They flew up and over the fence and then to the rooftops they went. It was quite cold, so I came in at that point.

Speaking of cold, someone must have thought we were too hot because it has definitely cooled down for today. I don't think it got much above 55 and that is pretty chilly when you are used to 70's. We have seen a lot of rain. Seems like it has rained everyday for the last week. But it rains at night a lot and early in the morning, then stops. . . and starts again later. Last night we had quite heavy showers and Brandon said they had tornados over on the west coast of Florida. Hmmm.

We are meeting Brandon for breakfast tomorrow at Cracker Barrel and then we will head for Orlando and the Freightliner Rally. Yesterday and today we have been packing things up and finding places for everything and putting them there. We made a big pot of soup to have for the rally. We like to have that at noon when we are running in and out checking on the dogs between seminar sessions. So that is done. Terry fixed the one day/night shade again. He fixes them when the strings break. He hates them, but he knows how to fix them. He says, "They're just a parallel slide." That sounds too much like "slide rule" and I never learned how to use one, so I defer to him on that one. Hah.

The house hunt is on hold. Brandon is covered up with work and was getting very, very stressed out, so I said. . . reduce your stress and the best way to do that was to put the hunt on hold. He still would like the house he put the offer on, but the bank is holding out for a better offer. Our realtor said that won't happen, so maybe he will get that one after all. Just wait them out.

He was over today and I made my world famous lasagne. It was good. Then we commissioned him to set up our printer to print wirelessly. Didn't take him long. . . but then he is a network engineer. Hah. Pays to have one in the family. So now Terry and I can both print from the comfort of our recliners in the living room to the printer back on the counter in the bedroom. . . nnnniiiiicccceee. Thank you, Babe.

My Dad is home from the hospital. They ended up putting 2 stents in each leg. They kept him an extra day because they said he was anemic. . . not sure where that came from, but apparently it cleared up, so he got to come home. He said he notices a big difference in his legs. He said they always felt heavy and it hurt to walk much. Now he said they feel a lot lighter and he's hoping it will be easier to walk.

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Anonymous said...

It was 26F here today, but felt about 16F with that nice, brisk wind. Nice, balmy winter.