Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh my gosh!

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. My apologies to all my readers. I have no excuse.

After the fiasco with the tire, we got to our camp at Forest Village RV Park in Cocoa, Florida. We wanted to spend some more time with son Brandon before we left Florida. Our plans are to be in Perry, Georgia, the second week in March for the Good Sam Big Rally. So we hoped to have some time to help him look for houses again. Unfortunately Brandon was sick most of the week and he didn't want us to catch anything. So we didn't see much of him until toward the end of our stay. But he is much better now and we did enjoy a couple meals with him as well as have him out for his favorite lasagne dinner our last night here.

The park we were staying in was a very nice park. . . with the exception of the office manager. She seemed nice enough on the phone. My suspicions were raised when she asked me if the reason we left our last park was due to problems with our dogs. Huh? That is what I got when I asked her about their pet rules. I AWAYS ask about the pet rules because some parks have become a little overbearing. We also use a pet ex-pen because of Neal, our handicapped Scottie. He can no longer walk and it is useless to have him on a leash. He knows when he is in the pen he needs to find a place to do his business. Some parks do not allow them, so I always ask. During the course of registration she informed us her husband and his partners had dragged her out of retirement in Michigan to come manage this park. I really kind of doubt she would ever let anyone walk all over her. She became known as Jabba the Hut, because she was enormous and seemed to have the same personality. Hee hee

While in Cocoa, we made it over to Ron Jon's Surf Shop, always fun. We stepped out onto the beaches here and there. At Cocoa Beach we went out onto the pier. It was a beautiful day and we watched some of the surfers as well as this one pelican. He was apparently a pet of one of the deck hands and was hand fed. He didn't want anyone to get too close to his friend. We had dinner at the pier restaurant and it was very good.

When we left Cocoa we drove over toward Tampa, but we were unsuccessful in trying to find a place over there to stay. Terry had wanted to go to Lazy Days to get some wiper blades for Phaeton Place, but we ended up in Bushnell at the Escapees Park. We aren't really disappointed with that. This is one of our favorite parks, although it is kind of a no frills place. The people are friendly and it is a good place to stop for a few days.

Friday we put the dogs in the car and drove over to Cedar Key. This is a fishing village basically and not yet spoiled by lots of tourists. They are building some new shops and condos, however, so I'm sure it will become a hot spot in the future. There is a new city park which is where the RV park used to be. There are not many good choices to stay close by, but if we decide to go back, we have a place we can probaby get into. We had a nice drive and we had a picnic lunch with the dogs in the park.

Yesterday we drove over to Lazy Days and bought our wiper blades at Camping World. Of course, we bought some other stuff, too, but we didn't look at new coaches. They certainly do have a large selection to choose from though. We did the Lazy Days thing before we bought Phaeton Place and didn't get anywhere with it and did not buy there.

Today was about the most gorgeous day we have had in the last 2 weeks. It was about 80 with a cool breeze. I bathed the dogs this morning and in the afternoon I sat out with them in my reclining lawn chair and read and napped. Such a life. The sun was just right. . . it just doesn't get any better than this. We are here until I get some meds at the pharmacy. They had to order one. The bursitis in my hip has become almost unbearable and I am trying to get a shot. I am going to have a long talk with my doctor this spring and figure out how I can resolve the problem of not being able to get treatment on the road.

Until next time. . .


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