Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Rally Time!

We arrived at Buckhorn Lake Resort, Kerrville, Texas, on Wednesday for the Sweetheart Rally VII! We safely dodged the bullet by laying low in Bandera, Texas, the night before. That is the night the bad storms ripped through Oklahoma and were just east of us when we were out with the dogs Tuesday night. We could see lightning and we had some wind, but that was it.

Kerrville is one of our favorite places in the Hill Country, but we had never been to Buckhorn Resort. What a grand place. It is expensive, but the rally rate was considerably cheaper. We had a catered dinner last night of barbecued chicken, brisket, potato salad and cole slaw, tea, coffee and peach cobbler for dessert. The park personnel do the dinners and it was very good. One of the ladies at our table is allergic to peaches so the server asked her if she would like just ice cream. She came back with a large dish of ice cream. How nice.

This morning we gathered for breakfast in the red barn and it was very good as well. You certainly don't go hungry because they serve Texas-sized portions for everything. We will probably meet some friends for dinner tonight and then tomorrow night we have a potluck. The park has a huge covered grill with a bar outside and everyone will grill their own meat, then go inside to eat with friends. There is always a card game or Mexican train game going and lots of visiting with others on their sites as well as tours of rigs, so we are quite busy.

Most readers know our black Scottish Terror, Bailey, has been having some health issues. Well, we kind of have a new development. Bailey finished his meds for bronchitis and had to wait two weeks for testing for Cushings. That time is up next Wednesday. We left the RGV to come to Kerrville and Bailey has become extremely lethargic and sickly since we left last Monday. Thursday night he refused food as well as the next morning. Since the weekend was coming up, I didn't want him "not eating" for 3 days, so Friday morning I called the vet who advertises on the park video system. He said to bring him in. We saw the doctor at 10 a.m. He looked at his bloodwork I had brought with me and said his numbers were no where near high enough for Cushings and the patch of hair loss on his back is not what he sees in Cushings. He listened to my explanation about that patch and believes it to be a fungal thing and gave me instructions for treating it. He took an xray and Bailey has an enlarged heart, fluid around the lungs and some minor lung involvement. None of this he thought was life threatening and gave him a shot to jumpstart his system and get him feeling better so he would start eating. He said he is short of breath which contributes to his not eating. He gave me a heart med (enalipril) and furosemide and a couple other bronchial things to use if he starts coughing. In addition, he told me to email him if I had any questions and needed any further instructions. He has several Cushings patients, so I felt comfortable with what he was telling me. To be honest, I didn't think I would be bringing Bailey home from the vet. He seemed that sick to me. But we were both much more upbeat afterwards and I am happy to report that Bailey is taking his pills and ate most of his supper last night and breakfast this morning. We are so happy! So hopefully once we get his lungs cleared up and his heart meds have a chance to work, he should be back to normal.

Today is a cold day in Kerrville, so we will probably be doing indoor activities. It will be warm again tomorrow.

Till next time. . .


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