Monday, February 09, 2009

Not hangin' out any more.

We left Mission this morning about 10 AM on our way to Kerrville, TX. Tonight we're parked in a rather rustic campground at Carrizo Springs, TX about 200 miles from our starting point. The campground so far doesn't deserve a note, since it's not worth a return visit, but it's the only thing on the route for 40 miles.

This is a little vacation during our winter's stay stay in the Rio Grande Valley. We plan to be in Kerrville, TX, Wednesday for a Rally with 42 other Rvs that runs through the weekend. Then we'll slowly wander back to the breezy RGV.

We have traveled west on US83 to the point it really becomes what it is designated as, a North- South highway. Once north of Laredo, the landscape is barren, we've traveled through here before, but never stopped before Del Rio or Uvalde. Since we're not trying to pile up the miles on a westward AZ run, we took it easy today. Tomorrow will be a much shorter drive day than today, as we get in closer to the rally and our Wednesday arrival window.


BTW the Blog Police is threatening to change her password!
This could be my last post!

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