Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Still playing nurse!

Well, the dogs are hanging in there. Bailey is still having some "Cushings" type issues that are going to have to be addressed quickly, so I will be talking with the doctor today when she takes Neal's staples out.

Sunday we went out to eat with Mom and Dad and that afternoon Terry started feeling poorly. He went to take a nap and basically didn't get out of bed until yesterday morning at 6 a.m. He wasn't eating anything. . . not really sick to his stomach, but no appetite. I encouraged him to drink, but after 2 days, I realized water wasn't doing him any good either. He started getting dizzy and still wasn't eating. So I bought him some juice and pedialyte and made him drink up. I also made him a hamburger last night and he ate that and some yogurt later. He feels better today and the dizziness is gone, so things hopefully are getting back to normal.

Today is the Elm Street chicken dinner, so Mom and Dad are over at the hall peeling potatoes as we speak. It is a real job putting on those dinners, but the money earned from them goes toward upkeep of the park and reduces our assessments which, I think, are very low. We have tickets to go this afternoon, so I hope to get Terry over there.

Till next time. . .


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Janice said...

Sure hope Terry gets to feeling better soon - watch him close! Going without fluid isn't good at all. Keep us posted.