Monday, June 15, 2009

Hunkered down in Red Bay

Well, we arrived in Red Bay on Sunday morning with a storm on us almost immediately after pulling out of the campground at Bay Springs Lake. It was wind and rain, but we only had 25 miles to go, so we made it fine and Phaeton Place got a good bath along the way.

Since we had an appointment, we were in a service bay at 7 a.m. this morning and we were done by noon, courtesy of a short list this time. We did have several parts we bought so Terry could fix things himself, i.e., switches, lights, etc. The service techs are helpful and will let you watch how to do something and then the next time you can do it yourself. We also ordered two new dinette chairs to replace the big overstuffed ones that were the standard issue. The springs were a constant problem in them and we took to using our "extra" folding chairs. And now we have added two new extra chairs just like the others and will recover them in the fabric we bought that matches our recliners.

So now we are ready to go tomorow. In fact we are all hitched up and will leave early tomorrow. We are headed to Florida to see Brandon, his girlfriend Megan, and his dog Jax. We are anxious to get there and spend some time visiting.

Tonight another storm went through Red Bay. This one was more intense than Sunday's storm and was actually just the fringe of the one that passed through Florence and Russellville, Alabama. They opened the customer lounge for us to go there, but we decided to pull in our slides. By the time we got done, it was storming pretty good, so we decided to sit tight. It looked terrible out, but we didn't have anything too bad weather wise. At least here at Camp Allegro, there are no trees and with the coaches lined up close together, there is some protection. That is, unless the first coach in the row starts to flip, we will just all fall down like dominos! Fortunately that didn't happen and things have cleared now and the temperature is down to a more comfortable 70 degrees.

Till next time. . .


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