Monday, June 01, 2009

Entertainment for today!

Today we were down at the dock getting a slip sticker for the jet ski so we can park it in the covered slip. Sitting on the one end of the parking lot was a new 15x85 foot new Fantasy Yacht houseboat. The crew was on it getting it ready to launch it for the first time. What a beautiful boat. The owners were sitting on the dock taking pictures and I had left my camera in the motorhome. But I had my phone, so I got some shots of the launch.

These are shown in the order they are taken. The ramp is big but dwarfed by this huge boat. The semi-driver hooked up to the trailer and pulled it out of its parking spot and manuevered it lining it up for the trip to the water.

As he backed up, the rear three axles of the trailer were actually suspended in the air as the ramp has a break where it angles down to the lake. We thought the front axle tires were going to blow as they were supporting the entire weight and were going flat. You could hear air hissing. There was a skid plate on the bottom of the trailer to protect the boat and it was scraping the concrete.
There were some overhead power lines which were in the way and the boat crew had plastic pipe poles they used to lift the wires over the bridge of the boat. These guys all knew what they were doing. One guy on the ramp with a radio, the driver, one guy unhooking straps, and two guys manning the power lines. There were more people involved, but those were the main ones during the launch.

The driver then released the jacks on the trailer and they swung up and at the same time, he backed quickly and the trailer tipped back on the four axles and it entered the water. At this point, water started to rush in the back of the boat and the bilges were started to keep the water out.

One more lunge and the boat was in the water floating free. It was like a perfectly choreographed dance. It took maybe fifteen minutes to launch.

The owners were very nice. We learned they got a really good deal on this boat because of the economy. This boat retailed at a million dollars and they bought it in the $300,000 range. I want one.

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful boat! And what a great buy! I keep saying this economy is good for people with some money socked away - houses, RVs and now boats:-)

Maybe you can get a ride:-)


Janice and Dean said...

I want one too!