Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last night in Melbourne. . .

Tonight we went to eat at Bizarro's with Brandon. Megan had a softball game so she wasn't able to join us. The restaurant was beachside, at Indialantic, and is New York style pizza. It was very good. When we had finished, we walked over to the boardwalk and watched the ocean for a bit. It was very calm which was surprising after the storms we have had the last couple of days. Afterward, Brandon took us on a ride out on Merritt Island to show us the really big houses that sit on the Indian and Banana Rivers. In some places where the road is narrow, the lots run from river to river.

We went back to Brandon's house and I took a couple pictures of Brandon and Jax. As we left, we saw a rainbow across the road. Terry and Brandon are standing in front of Brandon's house.

Tomorrow we leave and head north. Our goal is Indiana, but it will take about a week to get there.

Till next time. . .



helenmoll said...

Travel safe guys. We hope to see you in Indiana this fall.


Bob and Molly said...

Still traveling on your stomachs...and this is good! LOL
Happy trails and enjoy Indiana, think about us if you go to Heinnie's! :)

Dale said...

Thanks, Helen. . .


Bob and Molly. . . What can I say? You taught us well. . . LOL

We are going to Heinnie's. Brandon and Megan are visiting in August and we are taking them.