Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year a day early. We usually conk out early, so I won't have a chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year at midnight tonight.

Mom is cooking a smoked turkey and I am making some goodies to take over, so we will have a great dinner and afterwards we will play cards. Should be lots of fun. Last time we ended the evening in a draw, both couples winning the same.

Yesterday the temperature climbed into the mid-60's which was great because there was no wind and the sun was out, so it was actually warm enough to be out in shirtsleeves. We went to the mall in the morning and walked and then did some shopping for a new TV for the bedroom. Haven't found anything yet.

Today the temperature is supposed to get up to 78. Whoo hoo! I can't wait. That will mean that Neal will want out to sit most of the afternoon. He loves getting out and laying in the drive. I have a cushion I put out for him and he lays on it. He gets excited when other dogs come to visit. Most in the neighborhood now know Neal and know that he cannot walk much, so they will come up and they greet each other. Neal loves having other dogs (and cats) around, and it is good for him to have that interaction.

A lot of people come around to look at our canopy. It is good looking, if I do say so myself. It is so nice to have a dry place to sit if it's raining. And a dry place to park the car. We do have a problem with the noise when we run our air conditioners. They vent straight up and the air echos against the roof of the canopy. So we are experimenting with ways to deaden that noise. We only have one close neighbor and he says it doesn't bother them, but we don't care to hear the noise when outside. We shouldn't have to run our AC's as much with the canopy, so it won't be a big problem, but we will figure something out.

The sun is shining and no breeze yet. . . that is a bit odd for the valley, but it may start up later. A great day coming up!

Till next time. . .


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