Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun in Kerrville

Nothing like a good rally to boost your winter time spirits! Today we started off the day in the hall with egg-roll making. One of the couples makes super delicious egg rolls and prepared all the ingredients and supplied instruction and we made our own eggrolls. This was really fun and was actually very easy. We also all brought a recipe to share and traded them with each other. I got lots of recipes to try.

Tonight we had dinner at Mamacita's in Kerrville. It is a large Mexican restaurant. Last year a lot of our group went there, but we hadn't made reservations, so not everyone could be accommodated. This year we made reservations and I think most of our 50+ couples were there. We had a great time and got to meet even more people.

Today we met up with Tom and Nan. They are a couple we met at the Elkhart Campground last summer and are new fulltimers. When I found out that Nan likes to play Mexican train, I told them they should come to this rally as they have multiple games of Mexican train going every night. They signed up and we got to talk with them this morning and also at dinner. What a fun couple. We give them a hard time about their "Schmart" car. Tom drives a big Class 8 truck and pulls a big 5th wheel. They have ramps and drive the Smart car up on the bed of the truck where it rides right behind the cab. Quite a setup.

Ron and Betty were kind enough to take us to dinner, since we are still without our car. But the good news is that it is fixed and we can pick it up tomorrow. Ron and Betty are going with us to breakfast in the hall tomorrow and then driving us to Fredericksburg to pick up our car. They are great friends and we certainly appreciate their helping us out.

We have a nice site here in the park. We pulled into our lot and are right on a river, so we have an unobstructed view.

I forgot to mention that on the way up here on Wednesday we passed a wagon train along 281 in Texas, north of Falfurrias. It was a "trail ride" and there were covered wagons pulled by mules and horses. Some people were in the wagons and others were riding on horseback. It looked like a fun time.

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