Saturday, February 06, 2010

The shed is DONE!!!!!!!

Thursday when the two men arrived to work, it was still a bit damp, but they worked all day. Yesterday when they arrived, it was overcast, but it warmed up in a hurry.

They started by placing the windows and then the double doors in the rough opening. The doors swing out so when they are both open, the opening is 6 feet wide, which is plenty wide enough for Mom and Dad's golf cart. After getting the doors in, they trimmed out the doors and windows, then started hanging the vinyl siding. It was a long day for them, but they finished it by 7 p.m. It looks great and we are glad to have the extra storage. Terry had it made with a shed roof because he wants to add inside shelves up over the door on which to place storage bins.

Today we will get the pad cleaned up and sort material. We have some we will be able to return. We are going to be busy for the next couple days as we are leaving on Wednesday to go to Kerrville to the Sweetheart Rally. We are excited about seeing friends we haven't seen since last year's rally.

Till next time. . .



helenmoll said...

Looks great Dale.. You will love having that storage.


Dale said...

Yep, we will. Most of it will be taken up by the golf cart, but during the winter, it stays over at Mom's under their awning. Terry needed a play to tinker as well.