Thursday, February 04, 2010

Up we go. . . .

The cart shed is going up as I blog. John and John, the builders, are doing the work. These two guys are ace carpenters and say this shed is a two-day job. If they had been able to start yesterday, it would have been finished today. Yesterday, however, we had rain, rain, then more rain. The streets on the east end of the park were flooded. Fortunately, that is not where we live. But even though the shed is under cover, it was just too wet to work, so they arrived early this morning to begin.

The cart shed will house the golf cart. No, not ours, but Mom and Dad's. They originally owned the first lot we bought and had put a shed on it for their cart. Once we build our Texas room, that cart shed will be history, so we are building one for the cart. We especially wanted a place to put the charger, so no one has to carry the charger in order to place it for recharging the cart. This way it will have a permanent home in the shed and all we have to do is drive it in and plug it in. This shed will be larger and Terry will be putting some shelves in so he has a place to tinker on things and we will have storage for items we leave here. This will be the last project for us this year. Next year we will put up the Texas room and will probably have John X2 do that as well.

These two guys are part of a 5-couple group who go to Mexico every weekend and build houses for the poor. Kind of like a Habitat for Humanity but for the poorest of the poor in Mexico. Most of the "houses" they build are 16 x 16 and house 7 people. They donate the completed house and their labor. These 10 people do this EVERY weekend. He has a little trailer that has his tools in it and a friend in Mexico gives him a secure place to park it. They are not affiliated with any group or church or anything. . . this is just something they got together and decided to do. I don't know how long they have done it, but it has been several years. These people are in their 70's and are working like young men. But they are quite fit and are giving back to their fellow man in a way not everyone would be able to do.

Cheers to John and John and their 5-couple humanitarian group. Our prayers go with you.

Till next time. . .


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