Monday, March 22, 2010

And we're walking. . .

Took a little stroll around the campground tonight. Lots of sites here and we're thinking this would be a great spot for a rally. Warm weather right now, full hookup sites and areas where many rigs would fit and be somewhat private from other groups.

We saw some "visitors" who viewed us with curiosity. In the wooded area we also found this church. It is the oldest church in the county and was originally located in the town of Texana, Texas, which met its demise when the railroad bypassed it in the 1800's. The town is now a ghost town. This church has been moved twice, the first time was using logs as rollers and it was pulled by oxen. It is quite a large structure. . . I wonder how many oxen it took to move it. Of course, in some ways it would have been easier. . . not much in the way of obstructions.

Till next time. . .


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