Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yum yum. . .

The time arrived. Chris graduated from college and the family threw him a party! And what a party it was. There was a crawfish boil! That means water is boiled in huge pots and then potatoes, corn on the cob and onions, garlic and lemon are tossed in along with whatever crawfish boil seasoning is desired. There were a couple different kinds that went into the three pots they had boiling. Once the potatoes have boiled a bit, the crawfish are immersed into the boiling water and cooked for just a few minutes. Then the "mudbugs" are removed and placed in a huge cooler to "steam" before eating. The corn and potatoes are added when they are done cooking, but it does not take long. They use small potatoes that cook quickly.

Later sausage was added and large whole mushrooms. They absorbed the flavor from the cooking broth and were delicious. I liked the corn and the mushrooms the best, but I did eat the crawfish too. It does seem like a lot of work. You have to pluck off the head and peel the tail to get to the meat which is really quite small, but very delicious. Even Terry ate the crawfish. I was proud of him for trying something different. He also ate some sausage and a hot dog Gary fixed in case anyone did not want to eat the mudbugs.

Later after everyone had had their fill, we moved inside and had cake Jo had bought for the occasion. A lot of relatives gathered around to congratulate Chris and to wish him the best. Chris started his college career after high school in 1988 I think and has recently gone back to finish his degree in psychology. Congratulations to him on a job well done!

After all that, there was still the issue of the remaining crawfish from the 200 pounds that were cooked. So, many of us gathered at the table on the patio and "plucked" the heads off. Jo packaged the tails and will probably freeze them and later remove the meat and use it in stew or efoutee.

It was a great evening and a great time!

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Gosh that looks DELICIOUS!!!!

Karen and Steve