Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ready. . . Set. . . Go!

Our original plan was to pull out Wednesday, because I wanted to play bingo on Tuesday night. We are headed to Baton Rouge to spend a day or two with cousin Gary and wife Jo. They are having a big event over the weekend and we thought our arriving in the middle of it would not be ideal, so we changed our plans and decided to leave Tuesday. I haven't been winning much at bingo anyway, so no problem there.

So as we prepare for our departure, I was checking the weather report for next week and discovered Tuesday was going to be windy. The valley is breezy all the time, but the wind can get downright fierce. Since that is the only day wind is forecast, we decided to change our leave date. By leaving Monday, we will be past the wind area when we stop for the night and have another clear day on Tuesday to make it to Louisiana. Wednesday and Thursday rain is forecast from the valley up through Kinder, where we will be visiting the casino for the rainy days. Then on to the cousin's. Sounds like a great plan to me. We leave a little earlier, but have great driving weather every day.

It is always bittersweet to leave the valley. Mom and Dad will be staying for another month, but we have to be in central Indiana for doctor's appointments in early April. We also have an apartment to rent, so have to get that ready. After two weeks in Indiana, however, we head to Virginia for Ronan's THIRD birthday! It doesn't seem possible that our little grandson is already three. We are anxious to see him. There is a chance that our son and his girlfriend will be there as well.

Till next time. . .


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Alicia said...

Safe travel, will keep up on you and what you are doing. It was so nice to have you come over and visit. We sure enjoyed it. Next winter we will have to get together and go out to eat.