Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the road again. . . .

One apartment is rented! Yay! We had two that were vacant and the one is going to have to have some paint. There were a couple of maintenance items with it as well. . . nothing that had to do with the previous tenant, but just parts wearing out. So we worked on it and we will finish when we return in a couple weeks. The other we rented to a young couple who seem very nice and they have a good history of paying their bills.

We left Goshen at noon today and took a leisurely drive down south to New Lisbon, Indiana. This is south of our old home but in the same county. We have doctor's appointments in nearby New Castle this week and Terry sees his cardiologist in Indianapolis as well. Neal sees his veterinarian, too, so it will be a busy week. We leave here on Friday and head to Virginia for our grandson Ronan's third birthday. We are getting started to Virginia a day later than usual, so it will mean longer driving days.

There are several people from the town where we lived who live here at the campground in the summer. They come here on the weekends. It is a nice place and we have already seen our old neighbor. We got to visit with him and his dog, Tucker, whom I have missed since we left the area.

We just had a family come in next to us. The dad got out and was hooking up and he had his dog with him. I think Boomer must be an Akita. We got to talking about Boomer who was exploring the area. Boomer has no eyes. Incredible dog. He had glaucoma in both eyes and the pain was excruciating. He said Boomer's eyes were bulging and he was always rubbing them up against stuff to relieve the pain. The veterinarian who did the surgery said he would adjust very well. He has and it has been about four years. The man was wearing flip-flops and said that Boomer listens and follows the sound of the flip-flops. It was obvious also that Boomer was very tuned into the man's voice and even the voice of their little girl, Olivia. I called him over to me and he followed my voice and came directly to me. He never faltered and if you didn't know he was not sighted, you wouldn't guess. His eye sockets are stitched shut, but he has so much fur, you don't noticed his (lack of) eyes unless you are close to him. He is a remarkable dog.

We are sitting not far from I-70 and we can see the traffic across the pond. We have been seeing more RV's on the road lately. I think a lot of them that we saw today were families returning from a weekend camping. It has been an unusually nice past week and weekend here in Indiana and I am sure everyone wanted to get out and enjoy the weather.

Till next time. . .


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