Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ronan, Ronan, Ronan, it's all about Ronan!

As well it should be. . . it is his third birthday today. We were here when he was born and what a wonderful time that was. We got to hold him shortly after the big event and started the spoiling right then. It continues to this day, I am happy to say.

Jocelyn, Ronan and I drove to Lynchburg, Virginia, today to visit the Children's Museum there. It is quite a large museum and Ronan had a very good time visiting all the areas and experimenting with the various activities. His favorite was the water table which had two rivers of water and locks which opened and closed and rapids. There were small reproductions of boats that traveled the rivers in the area and those boats could be carried to the top of the river and floated down through the locks and rapids.

We have enjoyed visiting with the kids this week and enjoyed watching Ronan play and interact with his friends and family. He is quite articulate and easy to talk to. His big thing now is time. He is always asking what time it is. Think that boy needs a watch!

Till next time. . .


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Anonymous said...

Gosh, he sure is getting big! How fast they grow up.

Hah - tell Terry he don't know what "hot flashes" are! Hope his test goes well.

Hope to see ya'll somewhere this summer!

Janice & Dean