Sunday, April 25, 2010

Riverview Park and the Rivanna River

Jocelyn usually takes Ronan out every day for a walk. They frequently walk downtown Charlottesville. Ronan now normally rides his "balance bike" which is a bike with no pedals. It is small enough he can sit on it and his feet touch the ground. He more/less starts out "walking" astride the bike, but now he will pull his feet up and coast. He has developed a great deal of balance and when the time comes for him to get a regular bike with pedals, it is likely he will not need training wheels.

We went out with them to Riverview Park which is along the Rivanna River. Both are quite nice. We enjoy the walk and met several other dogs and people who were also out enjoying the sunshine and nice spring weather.

On Wednesday, Jocelyn and I took Ronan and drove to Lynchburg, Virginia, to a Children's Museum. It was much larger than most I have been to and had many interesting activities for children. Ronan like the water exhibit which showed the effects of hills and locks on the flow of the river. Course, the kids get boats to float down the water and everyone ends up wet. No wonder they like it. Ronan also like the farm exhibit and, of course, the trains.

Ronan likes his new quilt I made him. I call it his "camping quilt." I used blocks of fabric that have camping themes, pictures of camping items and animals you see in the woods. It is called a "rag" or "biscuit" quilt. The seams are sewn to one side and you clip the seam allowance. Then when you wash it, it frays and becomes fuzzy. The other side is smooth. They are easy to do.

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