Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I know, I know. . . .

I haven't been very good at keeping up the blog lately. We have been having a lot of fun here in Houston, considering why we are here. We have managed to work around Terry's treatments and get out and enjoy the area. It turns out we will leave here not doing everything there is to do, but no matter. We will be back here every year from now on as Terry returns for checkups. Since we have our place in the valley and always go through Houston anyway, that's not going to be a problem or even be out of the way.

The rodeo is still going on. It actually starts with behind the scenes activities for a couple weeks before it really starts. And once it starts, it goes for one day shy of three weeks. Wow. I have discovered that it is a combined effort of many different groups including FFA, 4-H and various rodeo associations as well as others. It is huge. I think one of the reasons it is so big is because they rotate animals and exhibits as the time rolls on.

We have spent two Wednesdays there. Wednesday is SENIOR CITIZEN DAY. Unfortunately (or you could say fortunately) we are now qualified and have take advantage of the $5 parking and free admission. The freebie doesn't include the rodeo proper, but I have no desire to watch that. They tell me that no animals get hurt in those activities, but I'm not convinced. We do enjoy walking around and looking at all the animals who are penned up and attended to by their owners. They are standing and laying down or munching, all in air conditioned comfort! There is also a nursery section where pregnant animals give birth under the watchful eye of veterinarians' assistants. Most of the births occur in the wee morning hours, so we get to see the newborns later. In one area, they have animals in a barn with information about the breeds, particularly animals that are found in Texas, like this longhorn. They are a gentle breed, able to go for long periods without water or food and can forage successfully on their own. I asked this handsome boy to smile for the camera.

We mostly walk around the vendor areas and buy stuff. Hey, why not. The first week I bought a tooled leather purse and last week I bought a pair of cowgirl boots. They aren't the pointy-toe type. I don't care for those. Surprisingly, did you know that boots are built for comfort? I did not know that. I figured they would really be uncomfortable, but no. They are made with more built-in support than your tennies and careful shopping can net you a pair of "Ayriat Fat Babys" which are wider, with rounded toes and crepe soles. So, under the close tutelege of my friend Pat (who owns a pair), I am now the proud owner/wearer of such a pair.

However, my boots don't match my new purse. (horrors) Does that mean a trip back is in my schedule for today?

One of the vendors displayed his works outside. He had large rocks that where engraved and some were used as wine racks, some as flagpoles, some as firepits, etc. There were beautiful, but I'm convinced they are not appropriate for carrying in the motorhome. Hah!

We also spent some time listening to the chuckwagon entertainment. These guys told a few jokes and sang some traditional cowboy tunes that were common out on the range while gathered around the chuckwagon. We thought we were going to hear some cowboy poetry, but that didn't happen. But the music and the jokes were great anyway!

The second time we went we took our friends Mike and Pat. Pat is a breast cancer survivor going through chemo treatment. They enjoy getting out and going when she feels well enough which is most of the time. She has had three treatments and has three more to go. Her next one is Friday and we are going to doggie sit for Pebbles, the little dog about whom I blogged arlier. They never know if they are going to be late from her chemo sessions, so we will take charge and they won't have to worry about her. Pat and Mike are leaving then on Monday. She is flying back to New York to their daughter's for recovery and remaining treatments and Mike is headed to the Grand Canyon National Park where he works as a shuttle bus driver. We are going to miss them but only wish them the best. We will stay in touch as her treatment progresses.

Yep, I think we are headed back to the rodeo today for Terry to get a belt and me a new purse! Yay! Might take in the butterfly house too.

Till next time. . .


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