Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rodeo, part II

Well I decided to do the rodeo in a couple posts. There is a lot to see and even though we don't take in the entire grounds and activities, we still enjoy the venue and the excitement that abounds in the area.

We have eaten in the food area. This is a huge area with tents and the food vendors are all in these large tents with picnic tables down one side. We have seen it quite full and fairly empty at other times. There is just about anything available to eat from crawfish, shrimp, BBQ, smoked turkey legs, etc., and lots of difference sides. There are Cajun food vendors as well as standard fair. There were some outside vendors as well. Several Dippin' Dots vendors. . . that must be a big hit in the area.

The grounds include the old Houston Astrodome, which is just there, but not actually used in any of the activities. That seems a real shame to me. I guess it has outlived its usefulness and now would cost too much money to fix up for use again. I would love to see inside. There is also the Reliant Stadium where all the big name entertainment performs, and the Reliant Center where all the vendors are. Also the Reliant Arena is where all the rodeo events are held.

In the area around all of these massive buildings are numerous metal sculptures. They represent the cowboy way of life. Many are of horses and many are of cattle and cattle drives, depicting moments from history.

This has been a big event for Houston. I am sure preparations are underway for next year's event. A production this large would have to be planned more than a year in advance. It has something for everyone and no one who attends even a portion would be disappointed.

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