Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue Bell Creameries

Last week, Terry's college roommate, Dave and his friend Kirk, took us to Brenham, Texas, to the Blue Bell Creameries. Blue Bell ice cream is the number 3 selling ice cream in the United States and I think they only distribute to 17 states. It was a great drive out of Houston to the northwest, taking over an hour to get there.

We arrived at the creamery and signed up for the next tour. We could not take any pictures, so you won't get to see any secrets, but we had a nice tour guide and got to see them making several different flavors of ice cream. In addition to the ice cream, Blue Bell makes a lot of ice cream novelties as well, including a bomb-pop style fudgesicle and a variety of fruit bars that I will have to try.

When we left there, Dave drove us around the area to see the countryside. This area, just an hour or so outside of Houston, has none of the big city glare to it. Brenham is a small little western town with lots of antique stores and restaurants. Across the road from one of the stores we visited was a town square that had antique fire equipment. One housed two fire engines of the motorized type and the other had one of the first horse drawn steam fire engines in it. It was all glassed in and the sun was shining so it was hard to get a good picture, but you get the general idea. We visited several of the antique stores because Dave and Kirk really like them. Before we left the area, we stopped at a steakhouse and had dinner. It was great to sit and visit and we really enjoyed our time.

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