Thursday, August 04, 2011

In search of warmer climes. . .

We really had some thunderstorms last evening and overnight (Tuesday). We were in South Haven, Michigan. We are “on vacation” for a week or so and started north to find cooler temps. It was hot yesterday and stifling if we stopped and got out of the coach. We made a stop at New Buffalo at the casino and should have just kept rolling. We didn't lose much, but it was fast and we probably won't go back. If I cannot at least be entertained for an hour or so, I am done with them. And I'm not going to add insult to injury and pay the big bucks for their buffet, so we walked back to the motorhome and fixed some lunch. Then we took off.

We drove to South Haven, Michigan to new campground and we were very comfortable in our back in site. The owners were very accommodating and we enjoyed our stay. It started thundering and lightning around 8 or 8:30 last night and then the wind started. It was hitting us broadside which was pretty rocky for awhile. Thank goodness that eventually subsided and then we had lots of rain. The camp drained very well and this morning we were able to move around the coach without any problems.

We really weren't sure where we were going to go, but Terry wanted to do some sightseeing around Ludington, so we headed up that way. It is hard to find campgrounds in Michigan for a reasonable price and we checked several. The state parks have high fees and then charge a “per vehicle” fee which is $8 a piece, I think. So that automatically tacks on another $16 for us which puts them out of our range, especially when they are charging a lot for less than full hookup sites.

We ended up driving a short distance for us and stopped in Hart, Michigan, at the John Gurney City Park. The couple workcamping here are the greatest and the nicest camp hosts we have met in a long time. We got settled in and then went out to explore.

We drove up to Pentwater which is supposedly a very small, rich community, but it didn't look like either. On the way there, we drove around Bass Lake and through the area of the Consumer Energy Project. It is officially known as Ludington Pumped Storage. A large man-made lake was made high atop a man-made hill. They pump water up to it, then when it comes down, it generates electricity. It is hard to understand, but if you go here you can read all about it.

We saw Lake Michigan today and walked out on the beach. The water was actually quite warm and the air was also. There was wind, so it was very pleasant on the water. The rain from the previous night has cooled everything off which is a welcome respite from the heat.

We drove back to Silver Lake. We had camped here years ago with the kids. Brandon and Jocelyn, do you remember? We could walk a couple hundred feet out into the water because the sands from the dunes blow into the inland side of the lake, gradually filling it up. They say in 100 years it will be full and that some houses on the one end have already been covered. Don't know if he was lying or not. We also took the Mac Dunes ride again. Kids do you remember that? I can't remember what year it was, but we all went on the ride. It was great fun and was a neat experience. We also drove out to a lighthouse near Silver Lake, but on Lake Michigan.

We are getting ready to leave Thursday morning and head up toward Traverse City. We hope to get a hookup at one of the casinos along the way so we can go out and explore.

Till next time. . .



Brandon said...

Swweeeet! Yeah, I remember. I was actually telling someone at work about the dunes a few weeks ago!

jocelyn said...

Nope. Don't remember. All I remember of Michigan is the Ford Museum, Sault Ste Marie, Mackinac Island and the bridge there.

Dale said...

I plan to start scanning old pictures and I am sure I will find them, Colandar Girl.