Thursday, August 25, 2011

Winding down our time here. . .

Another month and our Indiana time will be history. Seems like I start out the time here with a lot of energy and plenty of plans. I seem to run out of steam at some point and wish I could have been more productive. Such is the life of a retiree!

Last week we had a special visit here at the campground. Our good friends, Tab and Deanna, came up from St. Paris, Ohio, and spent the weekend with us. Their fifth-wheel was parked next to us. It was a great weekend weather wise. We had some rain, but we managed to have a campfire both Friday and Saturday nights. We brought the fire ring over and burned a lot of the scrap wood Terry has been collecting for the past few years. In fact, we are going to continue to have campfires until we burn it up. We had offered it to a neighbor, but he hasn't taken it and we want to get it out of the garage.

Saturday we took our friends over to Pet Fest which is an activity of our local Humane Society for the benefit of the animals. We saw lots of cute dogs and spent a little time going through the Red Barn resale shop. I got to visit with my cousin, Becky, who is a volunteer there at the shelter. She promised that she and maybe her brother Bob would come out to see us at the campground before we leave for the winter. We are looking forward to that.

After we left Pet Fest, we went into Elkhart and visited the RV show held in the downtown area. They had a variety of RV's, but very few motorhomes. We enjoyed looking at the newer models they have now and particularly what they have done with the smaller trailers.

We left Elkhart and drove to Middlebury to the Das Dutchman Essenhaus. That is one of Tab and Deanna's favorite places to eat and we had a really good meal there. They were quite busy and while we were there it started to rain. We did some shopping in the bakery there before we left.

Terry took the backroads over to Shipshewana and stopped at some of the Amish shops that are scattered around the countryside. We didn't buy much, but we did have a good time and enjoyed being with our friends. When we got back to camp the rain had stopped and we were able to have another campfire. This time, however, the mosquitos started coming out when it got dark, so we moved into the motorhome and continued solving the world's problems.

Sunday morning we went out to Callahan's for breakfast. We had a good breakfast and were all stuffed when we left. We hated to say goodbye to Tab and Deanna, but it was time for them to start their long drive back to Ohio, so we bid them safe travels.

Tuesday Nita and I drove with Mom and Dad to Ft. Wayne so Dad could see a specialist. His family doctor had taken an x-ray and thought his abdominal aortic aneurysm had gotten larger and thought it might be time to do something about it. It was a false alarm as an x-ray is not the way to tell that and the sonogram showed there was nothing to worry about. Mom and Dad were relieved there was nothing that needs to be done and we came back home on a high note. They are making plans to head to Texas for the winter.

Yesterday we had the brakes checked on the motorhome. We had new front brakes put on in Red Bay in June and we have been having a lot of screeching and noise when we back up. The technician drove it, inspected them and determined them to be in perfect working order and just needing a longer break in period. Since the drums weren't changed and the material of the brakes a bit different than the original, they just need time and miles to get broken in. That was good news.

Terry is making good progress on the new valances and blinds for the motorhome. I will be sure to post some before/after pictures when he is done. They are going to be beautiful. The valances will all be oak and I will have two roller shades in each window. . . one for day and one for night. I can't wait to get them up!

Till next time. . .


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