Friday, November 04, 2011

10, 9, 8, 7. . . .

Seven days to go to the wedding! Next Friday afternoon! Woo hoo! So much to do between now and then, but a lot of it is last minute stuff.

Earlier this week I went to a hair dresser that Megan and her Mom go to and had my hair cut and highlighted. I think it looks much better than how I had become accustomed to wearing it; and hopefully I will be able to do it well the day of the wedding. We ran other errands while we were out on our "day off." Hah. The painting was done, the house is cleaned. I will have to do it again before the wedding, but we have been going over every day and I can keep up with it easily between now and then. We tracked down ribbon for pew bows and I started making those.

We mainly go over to the house to watch for UPS and FedEx. They won't drop anything if there is no one home and then someone has to go get it. It's easier for us to hang out there. It gives us a chance to let Jax out and anything I have to do I can do there.

We ordered M&M's in the wedding colors and are putting a small tin on every plate at dinner. I didn't buy them already mixed, so I had to mix and fill 120 tins. Then after I did that, I put stickers on the tins, front and back. Done. When I get tired of working on a job, I skip and go to something else. I make bows when nothing else sounds easy. I probably have enough bows made already, but I have more ribbon and I decided to make them up. The country club can put them around the reception area.

Today I made the ring bearer's pillow. They wanted it in black satin with a gold stripe, so I did that. They seem to be happy with it, so that is done. I am still making bows.

Saturday after the wedding Brandon is having a cookout, so I decided to make some stuff for that. I now have all the ingredients and will start making stuff tomorrow. We have tomorrow off. He is supposed to get rock in for his backyard on Sunday, so we will go over then and supervise. I am still making bows.

Wednesday Mom and Dad fly in from Texas, so we will go to Orlando to pick them up. I am anxious to see them and to show them around the area where Brandon lives. They will be here till Sunday.

So things are really rolling now. In less than one week we will have the rehearsal, then the wedding. It will be a lovely event. I hope it all goes well. The kids have done all the planning and they have thought of everything.

Here's hoping they have a great day and a great start to their wedded bliss!

Till next time. . .


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