Tuesday, November 08, 2011

High Surf Advisory

Six years ago we were in St. Augustine awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Wilma. While there were some strong winds on the coast, we did not receive any damage and really didn't have any severe weather where we were snuggled down a bit inland. After the storm and all danger had passed, we went out to the coast to see what the ocean looked like. It was roiling, churning, rolling. . . you name it, that's what we saw. Beautiful waves, but no doubt deadly to anyone who ventured in, and there wasn't anyone stupid enough to try.

We have been having high surf advisories this week in Brevard County and Brandon has been telling us of seeing 8-10 foot waves on his way to work at Patrick Air Force Base. He said we really needed to take time to go and see it. So this morning we did.

WOW!!!! What a display Mother Nature has put out there for us all to see. Just the awesome power of the water is incredible. I'm not sure what is causing it. There is a storm that just popped up in the Atlantic and that could be contributing, but this surf has been going on all week, even before the storm started. There is wind, but we have had 15-20 mph winds before without the type of surf we are experiencing. A fellow observer this morning said it was the "spring" tides causing it. Hmmmmm. "Spring" tides. . . in November? Whatever the cause, it is an awesome site.

Today was our last day to work at Brandon's. Safe to say we got it all done. So my schedule the rest of the week is as follows:'

Wednesday, pick up Mom and Dad at the airport in Orlando. We all check in to the Hampton in Viera.

Thursday, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Friday, WEDDING DAY!!!!!!

Saturday, host the cookout Brandon is having for friends and family so he can spend time with them before they have to head out. This was the reason we spent so much time working at his house the last few weeks.

Sunday, take Mom and Dad back to the airport in Orlando to fly back to Texas.

Monday, pick up granddog Jax at the vets.

Tuesday through Sunday, dogsit and housesit for the kids while they are on their honeymoon to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Once the party is over, we can breathe a sigh of relief, I think.

We are excited for the kids and know all will go well. They have planned the entire event themselves and worked hard to have a nice wedding. I am happy for them and happy to be seeing all our family together once again.

Till next time. . .


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