Monday, November 21, 2011

And so. . . . we move on. . . .

Our time in Florida is drawing to a close. It has been an exciting month and we are glad we were able to be here and help Brandon and Megan with the final preparations for their beautiful wedding. The next chapter will be written by the newlyweds as they begin their married life together as a couple. We hope their union is as successful as others in our family. . . my parents, 65 years; my sister and BIL, 39 years; Terry and I, 40 years; numerous cousins at 10+ years; and his sister Jocelyn and Tom, 12 years. They certainly have several role models in the immediate family. Congratulations and best wishes to the newest couple in the family!

The kids took a one week honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and although we haven't seen pictures, it sounds like it was a great time. While they were gone, we dogsat for Jax, their lab/pitt mix. He is a sweetheart and I have worked with him a lot on walking. He does well for me, but he certainly wants to chase squirrels. Ugh. I found that if I took him out to walk early in the morning while it was still dark, we didn't encounter any rodents of any kind, so that was the routine. During the day we went over to Brandon and Megan's house because he has a fenced-in yard there in which to run and chase skenks. That is his favorite pasttime. They still have a lot of wedding presents to put away and I didn't do that. . . thinking that would be fun for them to do.

I did put up their Christmas tree. Well, that wasn't hard. I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in. I know in the past Brandon has not always bothered with it, but I thought they should have it up. So I got it out, not intending to decorate it, but there were only about a dozen ornaments, so I went ahead and did it. I had a gift to put under it and thought it would be a little surprise for them when they got home.

Yesterday evening they were scheduled to get in after 9 p.m., so we left during the last caution of the Nascar race. We locked Jax in his crate. . . poor guy. He wanted to go with us, but I told him his Mom and Dad would be home in a couple hours, so he settled down. They arrived later and I guess he was pretty excited to see them.

This morning we are up early. . . as is our usual routine on travel days. We will get the motorhome all buttoned up and ready to go, then head out to breakfast with Brandon and Megan. We have some "Jax" stuff to take back and then we say our goodbyes. It's been a great month. We were very busy, but it felt good. But now when we pull out, I will steer Phaeton Place to the west and the Rio Grande Valley. We spent far too little time there last year because we were in Houston for Terry's cancer treatment. Mom and Dad are already there waiting for us and life is good!

Till next time. . .


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